I'm included on episode #539 of the Risk! podcast, hosted by Kevin Allison, along with stand-up comedian Cameron Esposito and feminist sex educator Betty Dodson.


I'm featured on episode #227 of The Soundtrack Series podcast, hosted by Dana Rossi. I originally performed this story at QED in Astoria on April 4th, 2015.


I shared cassette recordings from my childhood on episode #38 of "Lost & Rewound," a weekly show on Radio Free Brooklyn


I talked about my son, Stanley, and his diagnosis, treatment and surgeries on episode #23 of How to Get Away With Parenting, hosted by Malaika Dower.


I discussed my first kiss and the first time I smoked pot on episode #34 of Evan Morgenstern and Darin Patterson's Virgin Chronicles podcast.


I appeared on the February 19th, 2015, episode of David Lawson and Taylor Miller's now-defunct podcast "Stipend" to discuss writing, storytelling and performing in New York City.