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Renew, Refresh, Relaunch

In the cage at Gin Palace in the East Village (© 2013 Amber Drea)I turned 35 last month and celebrated in the East Village by drinking Margaritas at Mayahuel (which has a killer Monday night happy hour) and attending a storytelling show at Under St. Marks. We capped off the night with gin cocktails at Gin Palace, where a DJ played punk tunes from bands like the Ramones and The Clash. My friends and I took turns posing in the cage, and since the small space doesn't really have a dance floor, we utilized the wooden seating that lines the perimeter of the bar. I may be 35, but I still know how to party.

Very punk rock (© 2013 Amber Drea)The only thing that makes me feel old is my gynecologist recommended I have a mammogram done and warned me again that I should get pregnant "sooner rather than later." Thanks for the tip, doc! My mom had a kid when she was 40 and my nana gave birth to my uncle in her mid 30s, so I'm not too worried. Right now I'm just trying to figure out what's going on with my cat. Cruddy was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which explains why she lost so much weight in the last nine months (I mistakenly thought the diet I'd put her on was working), and her liver enzymes are elevated, so she has to get an abdominal ultrasound to check if she has liver disease. It's breaking my heart to see her sick—I can't imagine how much worse it would be if she was a human child.

My poor little Cruddy (© 2013 Amber Drea)Meanwhile, I had to take a two-month hiatus from my storytelling series due to a scheduling snafu at the venue, but everything has been straightened out and Another Round Storytelling is back at LaunchPad every first Thursday of the month starting April 4th. After the brief break, I'm even more excited to host this open mic where people share tales of drunken debauchery! The relaunch event features the comedic storytelling of John Flynn ("Nights of Our Lives," "Oh, Hey Guys!"), plus boozy treats from Spirited: Cakes, Confections & Cocktails. Don't miss it!

Another Round Storytelling April flyer (© 2013 Amber Drea)

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